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Meet Nina Plavnik, a spiritual healer and coach, rose priestess and proud devotee of moon goddesses Diana and Artemis. Nina’s life mission is to uplift the highly sensitives, artists, dreamers, and healers of this world to stand in their fullest embodied expression and to have the audacity to manifest their highest visions.

What began as a journey to rediscover love for self and shed the conditioning of a chaotic childhood and heal trauma, quickly turned into an initiation of the life/death mysteries and a devotion for a vision far bigger than herself.

While Nina is determined to hold a trauma-informed container, her work invites you to both remember the Divine Love you have always been and step into a future full of magickal possibility for who you can become.

Work with me

Beneath the Tarot

The cosmic threads

Beneath the surface

What stands in the way?

What is ushering you forward?

For centuries we have been absolutely fascinated with these cards embedded with symbols, metaphors and imprints of the psyche…
Can they tell the future? Possibly.
However here, I believe you are the artist of your own future… the cards just help us look beneath the surface and help us align with our highest vision.
In this unique 60 minute 1:1 Tarot experience, we help establish the ways your soul and your support system are calling you to alchemize your life. Maybe there is a challenge to transform, maybe it’s time to clarify your highest calling and maybe just maybe, you are to be reminded what your Heart has always known, you are supported, and you don’t have to do this alone.

Price: 88 EUR

The Moonrose Temple: A Coaching Experience

What if creating a magical, juicy, fulfilling life didn’t have to be so hard? What if it wasn’t about endless nights of hustle or forcing things into being?

What if manifesting your dreams could be fun? What if it could be effortless? What if stepping into the energy of your dreams was not about changing who you are but instead stepping into the magnitude you always have been?

In this unique 3/6 month coaching and mentorship experience, Nina brings her 10 years of personal development and spiritual knowledge to help handcraft a unique coaching experienced tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re ready to set goals that literally turn you on and ready to come up with a game plan to manifest them into reality or are ready to step into more of who you are and your spiritual power, Nina holds a safe place for you to embody the magick that has always lived inside of you.

Package Prices

660 EUR for 3 month
1200 EUR for 6 month

Moon Circles

Nothing in nature blooms all year round. There is a time for being the seed to find comfort in the depths of the dark soil, there is a time to shed leaves to make room for new growth, and there is a time to taste the delicious of the Earth’s labor.

We know this so intimately about nature, what makes you any different?

In these uniquely handcrafted New and Full Moon circles, Nina shares teachings about the cyclical medicine of the Moon. Nina helps to facilitate ritual and meditation experiences to tap into the deepest part of you, to help you shed any illusions about who you are and allows you to step into the powerful vision for who you get to be.

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